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US elections become latest malware lure


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The US presidential primaries have become the latest lure for spreading malware as attackers use 'videos' of candidates to tempt users into downloading Trojan applications.

Researchers at Symantec and McAfee reported that malware distributors are using presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as bait for a malicious file download.

Symantec warned of an attack which uses spam emails to spread a 'video' of Clinton. A file named 'mpg.exe' downloads another Trojan application which infects the user's system.

Researchers at McAfee noted a similar attack which uses links hidden inside emails again promising a video of Clinton but redirecting to a page hosted on Google ads.

That page then redirects to another site which attempts to download and install a Trojan application.

The attacks have surfaced eight days after Super Tuesday on which a number of large states cast their votes for each party's presidential candidate.

"It is surprising that we did not see more of this attack yesterday, one week after Super Tuesday," said McAfee researcher Alex Hinchliffe in company blog.

McAfee noted that the Clinton emails are similar to a series of attacks claiming to offer videos of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Britney Spears.

"We urge you to be vigilant and keep your anti-spam and anti-malware protection up to date," wrote Hinchliffe. "Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is."

Source: Vnunet

Link: Lunarsoft Frontpage

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