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Lunarsoft Search Plugins and Wiki updated

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The Lunarsoft Frontpage now has a search plugin so you can easily search for news posts. It will automatically search all categories and return the results to you.

Also, our forum search plugin has been updated to reflect some recent changes and a bug has been fixed (thanks ricktendo!).

The Lunarsoft Wiki has been updated to the latest version. A plugin is also available to use Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 to search the Lunarsoft Wiki.

Some extensions and addons have been added to help make the wiki easier to use. A majority of the extensions are behind the scenes. We have extensions such as Bad Behavior to stop spambots, some parsing code helpers and the newest is the Interwiki. You can now easily link to Wikipedia and other wiki websites. You can view the Interwiki page here: https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Special:Interwiki

Usage of the Interwiki is very easy, simply enter the code as follows:

So let's say you want to link to Doctor Who on Wikipedia, you would enter the following code:
[[wikipedia:Doctor_Who|Doctor Who]]
Search Engine Friendly URLS have also been added. If you see any links that are linking to the old wiki url please let me know and I will update them. Our old PC Maintenance page on the wiki went to:

With the update, it now directs to:


Enjoy everyone!

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