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Hello all,

I am thinking about attending college part time to get certificate in microcomputers. basically, i will learn to understand a number of computer issues including html, c, web building, etc. It will take me about 3 years, but i think that the formal training along with my tinkering will be good for me.

I graduated from university in 2004 in another field, and it was very rewarding. This new class (like the old ones) will be part time evenings and is all i can handle with my work, kids, social justice work, etc.

I hope this is a good idea. I want to learn more about computers, and feel that the information is portable regardless which sector of the economy i look to for employment.

Just some personal thoughts, not really a question. Hope you are all well this evening. :hello:

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Considering how many different job careers require computing knowledge these days, then I think it is a good move Lordoftheweb.

As an electrician I never really touched a computer until about seven years ago, but now I use one all the time for ordering parts, checking customer and supplier records, listing electrical tools, listing the electrics in the building where I work and test results.

Plus, I also maintain the computers where I work as an added interest.

I know how hard it is to do a course when you have so much happening in your life, I had already been an electrician for a few years before deciding I should get qualified, by which time I had two little kids. I went to college three nights a week for three years, and it was hard work after being at work all day, trying to stay awake during lectures was not very easy.

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