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Guest Sugar Bear

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Guest Sugar Bear

Hello Lunarsoft,

My name is Sugar Bear and I was having problems with my Windows XP SP2 updates. I was on a Microsoft web site chatting about my problem and one of the person's had told me about Dial-a-fix. So I downloaded it to a compressed file then ran it. I set what I wanted on it and click on ok, it ran great and then it stoped retracked and said I needed to send a report to you about my problem but I don't know how. I hope the information I'm about to give you is what your requesting and looking for.

site: https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Dial-a-fix

Dial-a-fix (v0.60.0.24)

Dial-a-fix-TechWiki-Windows Internet Explorer.

Thank You,

Sugar Bear



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