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Moving Avatars & Yahoo emoticons


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I formatted my HDD ystrdy, and did some installations, at that time my Yahoo emoticons were working perfectly they were animated, and i could view the moving avatars on this site too.

But then this morning i installed some software, and now i can't see the emoticons moving and i can't see the avatars moving either ....

I dont know which of the prgs that i uninstalled caused this, although none of them were related to these programs...

Is there a plugin which i must have got rid off?

Please help!...

which plugin should i now install to get it back?

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well so far i have installed:

Agnitum Outpost Firewall

EZ Trust AV

Download Express


However i did uninstall some software that came with the laptop:

1) Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere 6 LE and Acrobat 5.0

2) ArcSoft PhotoPrinter 2000 Pro

After that... it seems that these things have ceased to function

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i tried that... didnt work :( :hello:

Hey Guess wot... I fixed it!!!!

In the internet options i just had to check the box for play animation in webpages...and somehow... yahoo messenger smileys are animated again.... punk.gif

Thanks for ur suggestions though!!!

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