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File Size: 1.34 MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Win XP/Vista

HomePage: http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/

Image Formats: http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/formats/

FastPictureViewer is a small and fast image viewer, so simple compared to usual photo viewers that its purpose might not be immediately apparent. The program is optimized to do just one task: browse entire folders of digital photos as quickly as possible, while allowing for rapid sharpness checks (instant flip to 100% view), enabling single-click copy of the keepers to a preset folder along with single-keystroke Adobe XMP and Vista rating / labeling. A small EXIF window coupled with an instant, high-precision RGB histogram give you all the information you need about the picture. That's about it, but it makes for one of the fastest image culling tool available, also ideal for full-screen chimping directly off the camera (or memory card), over USB2. Of course FastPictureViewer can just as well be used for speed-browsing, rating or labeling an existing picture collection, but it does not offer any image editing, enhancing or cataloging function, it's just a bare bone, quick photo viewer.

The free-for-personal-use Home Basic edition supports JPEG and the new Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp) image file format, also known as JPEG XR or "the new JPEG", along with Adobe XMP metadata for rating and labels (in embedded and/or sidecar file form), Windows Vista photo rating and DirectX (Direct3D) hardware acceleration on select graphic cards, along with EXIF shooting data display and real-time RGB histogram.

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