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Feedback on Anti-Malware Toolkit

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Found this software after downloadsquad review - looks cool.

A couple of points/bugs/feature enhancements.

Running xpsp2, .net 3.5, v 1.03.125

1. Selecting avast consistently causes the download to fail with "Unable to connect to the remote server". If this is part of a large selection, it may not be obvious which download triggered this. Perhaps the error message could include the package that failed. (I did get spybot sd to fail once (after point 3 below))

2. Clicking ok on the above then stops the other downloads from running

3. Typical user behaviour is to try again, which means any downloads previous downloaded successfully are redownloaded again - wasting the users bandwidth and the hosting companies bandwidth. Perhaps an option to either unselect applications as they are downloaded successfully OR an option to see if apps already in the download destination should be downloaded or skipped (with an option to download if a newer version is available would be even better!)

4. If you are requesting bugs, then an option in help/about to include the version of .net framework currently in use might be helpful.

5. I wasn't sure initially from the home screen whether this application just downloaded the software or whether it downloaded *and* installed the software. It might be worth adding this to the homepage as a clarification. (possibly a future feature to include the option to install afterward the downloads are complete)

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