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Xfire 1.98


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Xfire is the instant messenger for gamers. See when your friends are playing online games; See what game they are playing; see where they are playing; and join their game with just one click. Plus, unlike existing Instant Messengers, this one lets you receive IMs without disrupting your game.

X-fire is simple, functional, while not being bloated. Most of the features in Xfire would be used by the average gamer at some point or another.


  • Added an edit box on the Chat tab to join a chat room by name
  • Added the ability for admins and moderators of chat rooms to silence everyone else
  • Added a chat room option to not show user enter/leave messages
  • Fixed a problem with the Tools | Options | Broadcast option to only allow your friends to see broadcast
  • Fixed broken game join button on chat windows
  • Fixed looping problems when in a voice chat and then testing your mic in Tools | Options | Voice
  • Fixed a problem with launching some games on Vista with UAC enabled
  • Fixed a video capture and broadcast problem that would record the wrong sound stream
  • Updated some language strings for Swedish and Hungarian
  • Added an advertisement on the chat room window. This is to support Xfire-hosted voice servers which will be live (*beta*) very soon
  • New games supported

Download: Xfire 1.98

Homepage: Xfire

Link: Lunarsoft

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