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dial-a-fix noob

Guest Inês

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I'm really sorry if I shouldn't post this here, please redirect me somewhere else so I can have my questions answered ^^

I haven't actually used dial-a-fix, but I got so many warnings about it that I decided to come here first.

I have a prob on my laptop with the automatic updates, they're turned off and It won't let me turn them on. I have been reading a lot about registry backup and all that, but I don't want to break anything, so I'm really afraid I might.

Then I saw the article on wikipedia about dial-a-fix and it being able to solve my problem.

I'm much more comfortable using software to change things than changing them myself as I don't take many chances on this area. But the article had so many warnings that I came here to be on the safe side.

Should I use dial-a-fix for my problem? if so, how?

thank you for your time ^^

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  • Administrator

Hi Inês,

Dial-a-fix is safe to use and can fix problems with Automatic Updates, Windows Installer and other common issues. If you're worried about registry backups and similar items I would recommend making a System Restore point before running Dial-a-fix (though not necessary) to give you a backup of your registry and other important items.

If Dial-a-fix does not solve your issue, please post the log and let us know what other issues you are experiencing.

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