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your first date disasters

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mine was a blind date at a mexican resturant. her being nearly half an hour late should've clued me in. she said she was late becouse she didn'nt now how to parellel park and had to find a parking spot. blondes right? so anyways it didnt take long for me to figure out that she was dumber then a rusty door knob sitting on a stump. i was getting irrated becouse i kept having to explain everything to her, and her laugh was more like a squeel. so when the ticket came i put down the money to pay for everything and decided to ditch her. i told her that i was going to the bathroom so i get up and left. when i got outside i started to run to my car becouse i didnt want her to see me. as i was running to my car that was up the street a couple of undercovers come out from know where and started to give me commands to eat pavement at gunpoint. turns out the undercovers were casing the place becouse there had been a few armed robberies in the area. so im in the middle of the street in the prone at gun point trying to explain why i was running from the restaurant when one of them starts laughing at me. by this time there was quit a crowd gathered around. so one of them goes into the restaurant to check out my story with my blind date and brings her out. at least 15 minutes goes by before they bring her. as i was sitting on the curb in cuffs she says to me i thought you were still in the bathroom. so i looked at one of the patrol officers that are now on scene and i say see what i mean? after that i never went on a blind date.

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Well, that was a nice little story, I can see why you shied away from blind dates after that.

I have never been on a blind date, the thought is too frightening from the start.

What if you turn up and it is a right old dog?

Escaping would be on your mind all night.

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