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Martial Law


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Hey there people! Tarun said this was the best place to come to tell yall about this game I play... Its called Martial Law. Its got the best community I've seen in anything less than a full blown MMORPG. It is a browser game, but features lots of strategies, and customizable characters. Definitely worth checking out, and even if you do not wish to play, simply signing up for an account is enough to help me out. So if you can find it in your hearts to help me reach my goal of 100 referrals (It will be very much appreciated), then please sign up at http://martiall.com/signup.php?rid=50 There is no activation of emails required, no spam, no downloads. Just sign up and play... or simply just sign up. Thanks in advance.

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I play the game all the time. Its not about giving me perks in the game. We have contest from time to time for referals but I invite people anytime, not just during those times like most player's. The normal incentive for refering a player to the game is $1000 cash for myself, and $500 for them. I would also get an extra research turn per hour, providing the player is active. Thats not much of a game incentive when you consider that I can easily make twice as much as that per kill inside the in-game dungeon, and turns can be collected as well from things inside the dungeon. The real incentive for me is helping the game to grow, and expand, which benefits all the players there. By all means try the game. Give it a fair chance. If you dont like the game, I cant make you play it. Some people sign up and play, while others play a few days and quit. Id just like to see more players who stick around, which is why Tarun suggested that I come here to tell you all about the game as opposed to just telling people at random, so that it dosnt look like spam. So again, the choice is up to you. Try the game, and play, try the game and done play, or simply do not try the game. Its a choice I cant make for you.

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