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Microsoft Installer and dial-a-fix error (PLEASE HELP!)


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Hey, all, I really hope someone here can help me with these issues: I tried to upgrade my Windows Installer and after I ran the exe file on Microsoft’s site, an error box appeared saying “Access is denied”. So I tried reinstalling the same Windows Installer I currently have (v3.2 I think). Anyway, same result.

Then I installed dial-a-fix to fix whatever windows installer trouble I am having. Well, shortly after I ru dial-a-fix for MSI, I get “Event unable to invoke subscribers”. I’ve tried running dial-a-fix multiple times and still get this message.

So now I just want to completely remove Windows Installer from my computer and freshly install the newest windows Installer, but I can’t figure out how to uninstall Windows Installer. I’ve spent hours and hours dealing with these issues and I finally wanted to see if anybody can help me out. THANKS SO MUCH!

p.s. after running numerous AV, malware, spyware, and adware scans using multiple programs, my computer is definitely clean.

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