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Hazard Shield


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Hazard Shield

License: Freeware

File Size: 0.84MB

HomePage: http://orbitech.org/

Screenshot: http://orbitech.org/website/shield.png

About Us: http://orbitech.org/about.html

Hazard Shield is a powerful antimalware program designed to detect, remove, and prevent viruses, spyware, backdoors, trojans, adware, and many other threats. Hazard Shield includes features found in many paid security applications, such as scheduled scans and automatic updates. Hazard Shield also has powerful realtime protection that can prevent the installation of malicious programs. Free tech support is also available at any time, should you ever have any problems.


* Scans local, network, and removable drives

* Fast, easy database and program updates

* Realtime protection that blocks malicious programs

* Collection of useful intergrated tools

* Fully supports Windows XP and Vista

System Requirements

Hazard Shield will run on any computer that is capable of running Windows XP or Vista, but if you want Hazard Shield to run at a decent speed and be able to use realtime, please use the information below.

Windows XP

* .NET framework 2 (Minimum) NET Framework 3.5 (Recommended)by Lunarsoft .Net http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

* 500MHz processor

* 128mb of RAM

* 20mb of hard disk space (possibly more for backups)

Windows Vista

* 1.2GHz processor

* 512mb of RAM

* 20mb of hard disk space (possibly more for backups)

Hazard Shield changelogs

* Fixed problem with memory scanner crashing

* Added incremental database updates

* Added new setup and uninstaller

* Added option to jump to file location

* Added + changed progress bars

* Greatly improved realtime detection and prevention

* Improved realtime memory usage and CPU

* Improved showing scan progress (smart scan)

* Improved realtime scanning speed

* Realtime now saves a log of actions taken

* Switched to managed code for getting drive types

* Rewrote ignore list

* Changed database format to support incremental updates

* Minor changes to tools

* Removed regjump.exe, now uses internal code

* Fixed problems installing / uninstalling realtime service

* Fixed issue with realtime display taking focus from another window

* Fixed multiple problems with realtime slowing down the computer

* Fixed problem updating realtime service after scheduled update

* Fixed bug with saving scan results

* Fixed problem with time format for scheduled updates

* Fixed problem with Hazard Shield killing itself

* Fixed multiple problems with memory scanner

* Fixed problems scanning twice in Hazard Shield

* Fixed problem where Hazard Shield scheduled scan didn't exit memory

100% Free

Hazard Shield is 100% FREE and dosen't come bundled with any 3rd party software, so why not give it a try? Hazard Shield also comes with free tech support should you ever have a question, bug report, or suggestion

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