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Advanced System Protector Personal Edition 2.0


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Advanced System Protector Personal Edition 2.0

License: Freeware

File Size: 6.28 MB Installer ( Hardrive Space 20.74 MB )

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

HomePage: http://www.systweak.com/AntiSpyware/default.asp

Screenshots: http://www.systweak.com/AntiSpyware/default.asp

Systweak About Us: http://www.systweak.com/AboutUs.asp

Detailed System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Intel Pentium or compatible system


60 MB free hard disk space

Windows 2000

Recommended Requirements:

Intel Pentium 3.500MHz or Equivalent processor

256 MB RAM

100 MB free hard disk space

Windows 2000/XP/Vista

What is Advanced System Protector ?

In this free edition it will do scheduled scans and automatic updates and removal of spyware. to gain access to the realtime protection that is available thorugh the paid version only. there is no nag screen to purchase only if you try to enable the realtime shields. This could be another option for those in need of a Free Secondary AntiSpyware Scanner. RTZ ( Editor's Group )

Advanced System Protector is the latest security tool to protect your Windows System from all types of Spyware, Adware, Key Loggers, Browser Hijackers, Malware and other malicious programs that may be spying on your system. Advanced System Protector has Real Time guards, which can protect your Computer from any infection before it can cause any harm.

It is the most comprehensive tool for protection from Spyware as it can scan, detect and remove even the most deep-rooted infections from your system. There are regular updates so that the Real Time guards are well equipped with definitions and the can well monitor your PC against any spyware threat. The already prepared database protects you from hundreds of thousands Spyware, Malware and Adware, keeping your data protected. We keep you safe, today, tomorrow and always.

Quick and Deep Scans

Advanced System Protector has been designed to Quick Scan your System and Deep Scan your System. Both these scans are a good way to check your PC for infections. A Quick Scan has been designed so that you can check your PC every morning, without spending much time on the scan. This will check for infections by the file path and warn you in case of any infections found. A Deep Scan should be performed on the first installation of Advanced System Protector, and then on a weekly basis. This is a thorough scan for your computer, where the files and folders are searched for infection on the basis of file path and MD5, a file recognition technology. In case an infection is found, you have the option to remove, ignore, quarantine or delete it, as per your choice.

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An actual scan of my own PC , Windows XP Home SP 3. Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80 GHz, 3.2 GB Ram, resulted in no false positives. The In Depth Scan of 287396 items took 32 minutes and 26 seconds was slow for sure, but it was initial scan of my system. The quick scan of 220213 items took only 5 minutes and 51 seconds which was not bad at all. . I also found the GUI to be both very nice and easy to navigate. There is no nag screen unless one tries to enable the realtime shields. I found all the other features fully functional scheduling scans, auto updates of antispyware signatures etc. .

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I am still road testing this software so far so good only complaint is the software cannot be turned off from running in the background sort of the same thing like with SUPERAntispyware when first downloaded, but has no way to disable running when windows starts up. but thats minor. hopefully they will get enough feedback to correct it . the scans are working when scheduled and updates are being received like clockwork. I also came across this today a site of theirs a Spyware Library http://www.spywarelib.com/Default.aspx

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