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Hazard Shield 2.1 Progressing


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Hazard Shield 2.1

Update News from Developer

We have started work on Hazard Shield 2.1 that will address some very severe problems. First off, the database size and loading speed. The database has gotten more than 2x bigger and about 10x slower at loading. We are proud to announce that we have gotten the size back down from about 4.5mb to 2.2mb! It is also super fast at loading, and is actually quicker than version 1.9!

Another big issue is the realtime memory usage. Pretty horrific isn't it? Not to worry, we are working hard on this issue. Currently Hazard Shield uses about 33mb of RAM on Windows Vista. As of now, we have it down to 19mb in our internal version.

We are also working hard on malware detection. Hazard Shield 2.1 will include a better scanner and a new deep registry scan!

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