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News on release of Hazard Shield 2.1


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Hazard Shield

Hazard Shield is a lightweight antimalware program that checks for viruses, spyware, backdoors, worms, trojans, adware and more. Although Hazard Shield was designed to be compact, it still offers features found in paid antivirus programs such as scheduled scans, automatic updates, and realtime protection. Hazard Shield is free and dosen't come bundled with any additional software.

About Us: http://orbitech.org/about.html

Update curtesy of the Developer Orbitech

Quick summary for Hazard Shield 2.1

While Hazard Shield 2.1 is nowhere near completion, we will do a quick run down of everything we are planning for this release.

New scanning engine with heuristics to find some hard to detect malware. It will also include a deep registry scan.

Improved realtime protection while using half the memory as version!

Completely redesigned settings to customize Hazard Shield more, as well as new method of storing settings to fix some problems with the current method.

New database format that loads super fast and is half the size (2.2mb compared to 4.5mb) and still supports incremental updates!

These are the big changes in this version. There will also be many bugfixes, including problems with the context menu scan.

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