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EdgeGuard Solo


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EdgeGuard Solo

File Size: setup.zip ( 3.3MB ) Actual File Size on Hard Drive: 4.30MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windows 32bit XP, Windows 32bit Vista

HomePage: http://www.blueridgenetworks.com/index.php

Product EdgeGuard Solo: http://www.blueridgenetworks.com/solutions/edgeguardsolo/

About : http://www.blueridgenetworks.com/company/

I spoke to one of the Techs at Blue Ridge Networks today and specifically asked if this program can be used on a regular Desktop PC and He informed me that it can with little to no noticeable degradation in PC performance. I spotted this at Wilder's Security Forum in one of the Members Signatures There and Googled it and found out about this program's different approach to protection . RTZ ( Editor's Group )

EdgeGuard Solo is client security software that protects you from malware attacks that legacy, signature-based AntiVirus software misses. Today’s AntiVirus products stop as few as 34% of the attacks. You can no longer rely solely on AntiVirus software. You need EdgeGuard Solo for full protection.

How EdgeGuard Solo Stops Zero-day Malware

After installation, computer users open the EdgeGuard Solo GUI. They then point and click on the applications that are to be guarded. One should select any user application that processes documents, media files, or enables communications with the rest of the world.

EdgeGuard Solo employs kernel and application level techniques to regulate file system and registry resource access. When malware attempts to exploit a programming mistake in a software application to infest a PC, the hijacked application is used to alter files, executables, and registry settings.

EdgeGuard Solo prevents the attacked application from harming itself, other applications, or critical operating system resources. Many attacks use the targeted application to launch other executables to infest the PC. EdgeGuard Solo automatically contains any such executable as well. This includes ActiveX controls. EdgeGuard Solo users may never have to implement ActiveX kill-bits again, to counter a reported vulnerability.


*Blocks Zero-day Malware Attacks— Stops viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware executables, and rootkits that elude signature-based tools (i.e., legacy AntiVirus products).

*Nullifies ActiveX Vulnerabilities—Allows ActiveX controls to run while preventing them from being used to compromise your security.

*Protects Without Signatures— Unlike legacy AntiVirus and Anti-Spyware products, EdgeGuard Solo does not require signatures to stop malware attacks. You never have to worry about having ‘the latest signatures’.

*Generates No False Positives—Blocks malware without using heuristics or behavioral analyses, which are error prone and require constant fine-tuning.

*Ideal for Everyday Users—Protects users without asking them to make uninformed decisions about security settings. It simply stops malware attacks..

*Runs Efficiently—While most anti-malware tools can be very resource intensive, EdgeGuard Solo requires few resources and is virtually invisible to the user.

*Supplements Other Security Software—Signature-based anti-malware, personal firewall, disk encryption, and many other client security tools can continue to operate normally with EdgeGuard Solo.

*Accommodates Client Software —Protection is non-intrusive. EdgeGuard Solo simply prevents applications from harming themselves, other applications, or critical operating system resources.

*Deploys Easily—Users just install EdgeGuard Solo and then select the applications to be protected.

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