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DriveSentry 3.1.2


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DriveSentry 3.1.2

File Size: 1.50 MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

HomePage: http://www.drivesentry.com/default.aspx

Screenshots: http://www.drivesentry.com/Malware-Trojan-...reen-shots.html

About Us: http://www.drivesentry.com/DriveSentry-dat...nformation.html

As stated by Matthew Rizos at Remove-Malware in the DriveSentry 3.1 Test ReviewTopic in the Technical Discussion Forum under Security & Malware Discussion.

DriveSentry 3.1.2 can be run along side with your current Antivirus Application. During install it will pickup on the fact you do have an Antivirus application but proceed with install by clicing on retry. I myself am running it with no conflicts at all with my Antivirus . Matt also states in the video that DriveSentry's size comes in at 43Mb. I took a look in the remove programs list once it was installed and it actually is only 1.50MB. Also there is not any noticeable difference in processing speed at all. DriveSentry is very light on resources. In regards to any prompts concerning Apps running on My PC, I had only one prompt concerning Diskeeper which was doing its automatic defragmentation maintenance, but that was a simple one clic allow and that was taken care of easily. There is also an option on the Scanner Screen labeled setup and clicing on that will open up a window to schedule a daily scan or a weekly scan where you just pick the particular day you want it scheduled as well as a time you wish it to perform that Task. An actual full scan of all fixed and removable drives of my computer of 10,161 total items scanned took 2 minutes and 39 seconds. RTZ ( Editor's Group )


*Security 2.0 Antivirus and Antispyware protection

*Monitors and logs all program access

*Unobtrusive data security

*Protects your system and personal data

*Protection from Zeroday threats

*Tri-Security malware protection

*Innovative whitelisting technology

*Scan your system for over 1 million viruses

*Realtime program advice from DriveSentry Advisor Community

*Automatically blocks and quarantines malicious programs

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This is just a follow up on this fine product. I have had no issues come up and it gets daily updates. DriveSentry scans as scheduled and has stopped a few things from getting in my PC while I was surfing the Net It is using little resources. The next version being released very soon will use even less memory, according to the information I recieved today from one of their Techs . Also another plus THERE IS NO NAG SCREEN

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