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Comodo Registry Cleaner


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Comodo Registry Cleaner

File Size: 3.11 MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windowa XP, Windowa Vista

HomePage: http://registry-cleaner.comodo.com/index.html

Comparison Tests: http://registry-cleaner.comodo.com/comparison.html

Warning: Registry cleaners should be handled with extreme caution not recommended for Novice Computer Users - RTZ ( Editor's group )

The COMODO Registry Cleaner was designed to be a tool developed to fix errors and optimize the performance of the Windows registry. This tool is very careful with the registry and never deletes a registry entry if this could harm your system. For safety reasons, COMODO Registry Cleaner makes automatic backup before cleaning the registry entries.

COMODO Registry Cleaner removes items from the Windows Registry which are no longer in use or are unwanted on the system. Such items may include information left by software that has otherwise been removed from the computer. It is possible that these persistent items may interfere with performance or have other negative impacts.

Features and Benefits

*Improves the health and performance of your computer part 1 Whether your computer is brand new or years old, it be more reliable and stable after running a scan with Comodo Registry Cleaner. Comodo Registry Cleaner conducts a deep scan of your registry to remove corrupt and unnecessary entries that are causing system slow down and other errors.

*Improves the health and performance of your computer part 2 Whenever you start your computer, Windows will automatically load a list of programs that will run in the background as you use your machine. The more programs that are launched, the more system memory is used and the slower your computer will run. Comodo Registry Cleaner contains a built-in 'Start Up' manager which allows you specify which programs are launched when you start your computer.

*Simple and Easy to use - Fast 'One-Click' scanning and a user-friendly interface make it easy for even non-technical users to keep their computers running in peak condition.

*Your data is safe. Comodo Registry Cleaner performs a full back up of your registry before every scan. This means that you can quickly roll-back your Registry to its pre-scan state if the removal of an entry causes problems.

*Timetable scans to run when you choose - Registry Cleaner features a customizable scheduler that lets you timetable scans according to your preferences. Perhaps you wish to check your system first thing in the morning - maybe you prefer once a week in the middle of the night. Choose the time that's right for you and let Registry Cleaner take care of the rest.

*You're in control - granular configuration of settings allows you to create custom scans and means the application will scan your system according to your preferences - not the other way around.

*Comodo Registry Cleaner contains a built in help guide that explains every aspect of configuration - if you need more assistance then post your questions to the Comodo forum where you'll find a community of developers, experts and fellow users who'll be pleased to help you out

Warning: Registry cleaners should be handled with extreme caution not recommended for Novice Computer Users - RTZ ( Editor's group )

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