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JAlbum 8.1.5


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JAlbum 8.1.5

File Size: 16.2 MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windows All

HomePage: http://jalbum.net/

Screenshots of actual JAlbums: http://jalbum.net/explore/featured/


Skins are plugins to the Jalbum software that shape the look and feel of your Jalbum. The Jalbum software comes with some great ones, but there are hundreds more to download for free!

Add Widgets

Widgets are fun tools that add functionality to your Jalbum such as commenting on photos and easy browsing between your Jalbums. The widgets are visible in a discreet little toolbar in the bottom of your Jalbum page.

Share and explore

Once you have published your albums, Jalbum will put them in your user pages on jalbum.net. Only if you want of course! On jalbum.net you can share your albums with friends, connect with other users and get inspired by fantastic albums.

Share your Jalbums with friends

Connect with others

Get feedback. Get inspired.

Create your first Jalbum!

Sign up and

download the software

Drag and drop images

onto the software

Choose skin and

click 'Make Jalbum'

Publish to any site

Jalbum 8.1.5 comes with Widgets:


Visitor Counter

Name Tagger



News and updates

Improved keyboard support in edit mode

When returning to explore mode from edit mode, the current image is focused

The edit mode image filter buttons and settings button now have a "hover effect" for a less cluttered look

Boxer skin updated

Simplicity skin updated

Romanian translation updated

Windows version now supports several non-latin character sets (Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Korean etc)

Bug fixes

Fixed "Proces only updated subdirectories" and compatibility with file and folder links

Fixed paths in references to folder thumbnails (broken in 8.1)

Having multiple image links referencing the same image wasn't working properly

The ja:fileiterator tag didn't always behave correctly when using relative references

The ja:fileiterator tag attributes didn't properly support variables and scriptlets

Other minor fixes

Previous versions

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