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Prevx Edge 3.0


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Prevx Edge 3.0

File SIze: 0.89Mb

License: Shareware

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2/3, 2003, or Vista.

Other Requrements: 10mb of free harddisk space, 128mb of RAM, 32bit Pentium4 processor or higher

HomePage: http://www.prevx.com/prevxedge.asp

I have a fully functional version installed and it is very smooth, The Installation takes less then a 15 seconds .Its GUI is both appealing and very easy to navigate. This program runs only 2 exe files even when the GUI is in use. The memory usage totals between 20,560 KB AND 21,728 KB on average while silently protecting the PC. When the GUI is operational it uses a mere 50 KB in additional memory. During scans which are "smoking fast" scanning 5,195 files on my PC in just 23 seconds.The memory usage during scans stands between 40,000 KB AND 41,300 KB on average.

Also Prevx Edge presented no conflicts or False Positives with any of my other Protective software or any Applications in use on my Computer. This is a program that one should consider as an additional tool in protecting ones system if you can afford to spend the money this is a good one to spend it on. RTZ (Editor's Group)

Prevx Edge provides full system protection which complements and works alongside your existing PC security solutions.

It will constantly monitor and protect the security of your system, checking for all malicious threats, including rootkits and spyware, yet by possessing such a surprisingly light footprint, you are likely to forget it is there.

Combine this with unparalleled abilities to detect and cleanup advanced malware (which many other PC security solutions struggle to cope with), and Prevx Edge really does begin to have the EDGE over the competition.



Unlike standard security products, we have developed Prevx Edge with the goal of coexistence with other security solutions as one of the top priorities. This means our users receive incremental protection with Edge over their existing solution instead of being forced to decide that we will be the only protection they will receive.


Prevx Edge can be used as a stand-alone security solution or as a powerful additional layer in conjunction with any other security product(s). Prevx Edge combines black and whitelisting signature detection, behavioural analysis, 'in the cloud' sandboxing and spread detection, to provide a product which is simple to use and allows the customer to easily configure the strength of protection they choose.

These options support 'total lockdown', 'known good', 'only popular applications' with the user choosing from a mix of three simple slider controls. One for the age of programs that may be allowed to run eliminating new threats that may not be detected using signatures or behaviors. One for volume of usage 'in the cloud' which automatically defeats low volume targeted attacks. And one for behavioral analysis that can be used to harden the system against new threats.

The protection in Edge is very light and only requires system resources as programs are executing or modules being loaded, allowing it to keep system performance at a maximum while the user is playing graphic-intense games or working in multiple applications.

Malware Detection

Our Realtime Community Threat database allows Edge to leverage knowledge on millions of pieces of malicious software to help protect the user's system. On top of the standard black/whitelisting technology in our database, Edge also provides Zero Day and Zero Hour emerging threat protection. By analyzing the characteristics of new programs on the server and determining their popularity, reach within the community, and potential for malicious behavior, Edge is able to block a high percentage of new threats, immediately after discovery. By using their concepts against them, Edge is able to accurately block virtually all polymorphic and server-side mutating malware, a recent example is the Storm Worm, which Edge was able to block at the endpoint before it was able to enter the system at all.

Targeted Threat Blocking

Targeted threats are a growing problem because they are generally uneconomical for an antivirus company to protect against as a targeted threat may only affect one user in the entire userbase of the company. However, Prevx sees it differently. The user-configurable targeted threat detection identifies targeted threats and blocks them immediately. The user can configure how stringent they want their threat protection and from there, virtually all targeted threats can be blocked, just as effectively as standard blacklisting.

Realtime MBR Rootkit Scanning

Prevx Edge offers the world's first Realtime MBR Rootkit Scanner which allows it to identify MBR rootkits proactively before they get a chance to load into memory. This gives Edge the upper hand in protecting the user's system and ensuring it stays secure, even against the most advanced threats.

Rootkit Detection

Prevx CSI received a lot of positive press because of the accuracy of its rootkit detection engine. For Prevx Edge, we decided to tear down the rootkit detection of CSI and rework it from the ground up, adding dozens of power features which now allow us to detect virtually every rootkit in existence. With these combined features, Prevx Edge has no difficulty detecting the most complex rootkits of today and tomorrow. We have yet to encounter any rootkit which bypasses our detection, even when scanning with the rootkits fully installed and functioning.

Scan Speed

Although the Edge system scan is far more comprehensive than the standard CSI scan, we were able to yield large improvements in scan time over other commercial scanners and over CSI itself. In a head-to-head comparison between other mainstream antirootkit programs and Edge, our scan completed in 26 seconds, finding all 4 rootkits installed on the system when the other products took more than 10 minutes to find the same rootkits.

Infection Cleanup

Edge uses the time-tested CSI Cleanup Engine and builds upon it with new techniques opened to us. We are now able to accurately identify all components of an infection, regardless of how deeply they are hidden in the system, so, clean up has become much more accurate, especially against rootkits.

Light Footprint

Edge has been developed with speed and optimization in mind. The entire program of Edge consists of one executable and one driver. All of the cleanup, realtime protection, self protection, rootkit detection, malware detection, and high-color user interface are tightly integrated into these files, requiring only about 800kb on disk. In the system, Edge only requires one service and one driver to be registered - no other registry keys are required and no other libraries need to be installed, and all user accounts on the local computer are fully supported and protected automatically, even under UAC, with the GUI process of Edge switching between users as they log in.

Installation and un-installation of Edge require only seconds and can take place without rebooting the system and there is no need to uninstall any other security software when installing or using Edge.

Encrypted Quarantine

A new addition to both CSI and Edge is an encrypted quarantine. Whenever a file is cleaned from the system, it is automatically stored in this database, encrypted with a randomly generated, mutating key, to allow users to undo cleanup actions while preventing the stored malware from escaping onto the live system.

Manual Overrides

To allow another level of customization to the protection of Edge, we have added Manual Overrides. This feature gives the user the ability to block programs, or allow certain program to run.

Minimal Updates

Because Prevx Edge consists of a single program component and one driver, updating is very simplistic and fast. Unlike most antivirus products which require users to download new definition updates, Edge uses the always-up-to-date Prevx Community Database which does not require definition downloads to scan for new threats. Edge also never requires a system reboot to apply its updates and the user can switch between Edge and CSI as often as desired.

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