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BitDefender Internet Security 2009


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BitDefender Internet Security 2009

File Size: 153 KB (installer) Hard Drive installed: 112MB

License: Shareware

Operating Systems and Minimum Requirements

*Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32/64 bit) or higher

*Windows Vista (32/64 bit) and Windows Vista SP1

*Windows Home Server

*Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher)

*Net Framework 1.1 (also available in the installer kit)

Supported IM Software (for IM encryption)

*Yahoo! Messenger v8

*Windows Live Messenger v8.5

Home Page: http://www.bitdefender.com/PRODUCT-2217-en...ml#requirements

I have this program directly installed to give as accurate an assessment as possible regarding the pure functionality of this Security Suite. The entire Installation takes a little over a minute. . I found BitDefender Internet Security 2009 equipped with features that were not overly done and easy to navigate.

BitDefender Internet Security features a Systems Vulnerability check tool which can be extremely useful in helping to secure your PC. It does an intuitive check on such things as verifying if you’re using a strong password, and whether your Windows Operating System has the latest updates installed

BitDefender Internet Security’s GUI has the capability to switch back and forth between two Modes, Basic View and Advanced View. The interface display looks both modern and very precise. This program runs only 4 exe files even when the GUI is in use. The memory usage is light on system resources. My PC suffered from no additional Lag time on Boot up taking only 34 seconds to deliver the Desktop. It showed memory usage on average stood at a mere 14,226 KB even with the GUI operational. I found that BitDefender’s memory usage was equivalent to the memory being used by my Instant Messenger The Scan Engine was built for speed, thoroughness and detection and delivered no false positives during the duration of my 10 day test. The memory usage during scans stood between 28,620 KB AND 30,300 KB on average. The scan times are done in impressive fashion the Quick System Scan took 1 minute and 15 second scanning 8,478 items. The Full System Scan was accomplished in 4 minutes and 24 seconds scanning 25,717 items. While the Deep System Scan was done in 8 Minutes and 35 seconds scanning a total of 79,147 items. Both the Full System Scan and the Deep System Scan searches the registry as a part of its protocol .This being another failsafe where it can detect any infiltrations that may have slipped through BitDefender Internet Security’s Advanced Heuristics. Although BitDefender’s competitors also use some form behavioral detection. BitDefender simply knows that by depending solely on that technology alone and excluding the scanning of the registry is simply not being thorough enough. BitDefender eliminates the possibility of overlooking some progressive forms of Malware that may bypass that defensive perimeter and allow for capture and quarantine of those infections during a scan by including the registry keys.

In addition BitDefender Internet Security 2009 with its extensive White Listing of Applications and Games List using the Game Mode resulted in no conflicting issues regarding any of my other security software or any applications in use on my Computer. Additionally BitDefender Internet Security 2009 in testing its effects concerning Browser use resulted in Internet Surfing to be very fluid and lightning quick whether I was using IE 7or Opera 9.63. There was absolutely no slowdown in searches or any problems regarding either browser rendering website pages. There were also no episodes of PC lockups that can often be experienced from time to time with some Security Suites. I have to say there were a couple of new features that really stood out. One I felt to be a real necessity with today’s evolving threats Instant Messaging Encryption. It keeps your Instant Messages safe & secure. All of your Instant Messages are protected using the same encryption online banks use. Plus Parental control software to help keep your kids safe Online, especially with all the predators you hear about on local news broadcasts making this feature a very important one to have.

There are some slight cons to be fair, the parental controls and anti-phishing tools are pretty basic but still are more then capable in doing the job. Overall I found BitDefender to be a first rate seamless, glitch free performer. This is a program that has not yet garnered as much attention as it really deserves. It is a premium Internet Suite at a reasonable price and yet another option for people to look into for use in protecting their computers. RTZ (Editor's Group)

Features, Certificates, and AV Testing


West Coast Labs the leading software testing and certification organization has certified BitDefender’s Firewall. BitDefender dilligently monitors all incoming and outgoing data. Within the settings dialog, the firewall tab contains five configuration and informational tabs to help with configuration: Status, Traffic, Advanced, Activity and Zones. The status tab includes a real-time graph so you can visually see your computer’s communication with the internet. It also features a sliding bar to help with quick changes to the security level of your computer.


Virus Bulletin rated BitDefender a VB100%, the highest honor for antivirus software. The VB 100% logo is awarded to antivirus products that detect all current "in the wild" viruses during both on-demand and on-access scanning in Virus Bulletin’s comparative tests.

Additionally, BitDefender passed the ICSA - a test that certifies that the software can detect viruses, prevent virus replication, and doesn’t generate false positives.

BitDefender antivirus has the ability to track when each file has been used last. BitDefender will only scan the files that have been used or altered since the last time they were scanned. This improves scan times significantly.


Protects against all major threats including Adware, Key loggers, Trojans and Browser Hijackers to keep your private information safe.


All Instant Messenger conversations are encrypted so you don't have to worry about private information leaking in casual conversation.

Gamer/Laptop Mode

Gamer Mode controls the amount of system resources that the software uses to maximize game play performance. While the new Laptop Mode prolongs battery life while keeping protection levels high.

WiFi Monitor

This prevents any unauthorized access by protecting your wireless network.

Anti-Phishing Protection

This examines Websites helping to ensure a much safer browsing experience.

Support: Offers 24/7 technical support

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