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desktop (icons/taskbar won't load)

Guest mike

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I have a few computers which will randomly not load the desktop icons and taskbar on logon. The only thing showing is the splash screen. I can control+alt+delete and logoff. Usually when I log back in the profile loads ok. This is an ongoing, random issue.

Can dial-a-fix's registration of the Explorer/shell fix this problem?

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Guest w2k laptop

Hello Sir,

Tonight an hour back I tied dial-a-fix scan-run. The w2k laptop has been having the WU AU not working/downloading/installing issue for several months. I got this suggestion from Mr. Shenan Stanley, MS MVP's webpage advising of your software's ability to fix that problem. I followed the steps he advised exactly. It scanned in 10 mnts and did not ask for restarting machine. I restarted the machine. Now the task bar flashes and vanishes, with blue screen staying empty. Desktop icons, task bar, etc do not load. I tried Cont+Alt+Del to Task Manager, and shutting down and restarting 3 times. No go. Booted to safemode hoping it may work, but got same scenario with black screen. Then I saw explorer was not loading. One of your user's has stated new task starting explorer.exe. But when I tried that, the explorer.exe would come in processes screen for 1/2 second and vanish again along with the task bar. I ran checkdisk without any parameters in safemode twice and with 'r' paramater in next regular start mode and still same scenario. Task bar came for fraction of a second and vanished. What do I do? Please advise ASAP. Thanks for your immediate intervention and escaping me from this state.

I tried to log off and log in again, but same task bar flashing away only happens.

8/3/2009 250am

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