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Loudtalks Lite


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Loudtalks Lite

File Size: 1.4MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/2003/2008/Vista/XP

HomePage: http://loudtalks.com/

Screenshots: http://loudtalks.com/products_loudtalks_lite_screenshots/

Loudtalks Lite , brings voice back to the Internet communications. It's a little application, which allows you to talk to your friends or colleagues instantly with a single touch of a button. Think walkie talkie. It's faster than text chat and more convenient than calls. It supports one to one and one to many communication. Incoming messages could be re-played. The application is fast and lightweight and doesn't require any configuration.

Free push-to-talk for PC and Windows Mobile

Loudtalks Lite is the new name of free Loudtalks. The product, first released to the public at TechCrunch40 conference in September 2007, gained lots of loyal users and will be supported and enhanced along with the new business-focused product lines.



Loudtalks conversations are nearly as fast as face-to-face and possibly the fastest way to communicate online.

Easy to use

To start talking you just push F7. It works even when the application is minimized.

One to many

With Loudtalks you can voice message two, three or even a hundred people simultaniously.

Voice history

Re-play your conversations when you want from the voice history.


We hate bloated software. Loudtalks setup for Windows is under 2 Mb and the program takes up little system resources and memory


In the most cases you don't have to configure anything to start using Loudtalks


Unlike traditional VoIP applications you don't have to use a headset with Loudtalks. Just plug-in a microphone (or use a built-in one) and play the sound via speakers. That's much more convinient.


When installed on USB thumbdrive Loudtalks will recognize that and will work in portable mode leaving no trace on host computers.


Use Loudtalks for Windows Mobile to turn your handheld into two-way radio!


Loudtalks has been translated to 11 languages. More translations will be added over time.

3G and EDGE compartible

Loudtalks works great over WiFi and 3G (EV-DO), and even could be used on EDGE.

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