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Movable Type 4.2


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Movable Type 4.2

License: Open Source

File SIze: 4.9 MB

Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows XP/2003Server, 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 100MB disk space

HomePage: http://www.movabletype.com/

Screenshots: http://movabletype.org/screenshots/

Download: http://www.movabletype.org/download.html

Powerful enough for building blogs, websites or social networks on a single platform

It's easier than ever to publish and share information with Movable Type. Movable Type makes it simple to start a blog, manage entire websites and build an engaged community of readers and customers.

Build Custom Blogs and Websites

* Create the site you want. Build interactive blogs and websites with Movable Type's integrated suite of social networking, blogging and content management features.

* Manage all of your sites and assets from a single Dashboard. Input content, view activity, and manage media assets from one place.

* Grow, flourish and prosper. Movable Type is the most flexible and scalable solution for accommodating high-traffic loads and large communities of readers.

Movable Type Sites


Use Movable Type as Your CMS

* Manage your content with ease. Movable Type uses global templates and custom fields that enable the addition of meta-data to any asset and make content management simple.

* Manage, archive and search media assets. The Movable Type asset manager makes it easy to upload media assets of all types - images, video, audio and more.

Build a Social Network

* Enable your readers to interact with each other. Build a professional-grade social network, with user profiles, ratings, community blogs, forums, and more.

* Turn your readers into members. Member Profiles enable readers to create their own profiles so that they can connect with each other.

Movable Type Enterprise

Movable Type Enterprise offers all the features and functionality of Movable Type Pro, with a few additional enterprise-specific solutions:


* LDAP Directory Support. Connect Movable Type to a variety of LDAP-compliant directory servers such as Active Directory, OpenLDAP, iPlanet and more.

* Group Management. Combine MT role management with LDAP to easily administer and maintain blogs across an organization.

* Support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Support for Oracle 10g or later and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

* Microsoft SQL Server 2005

* Oracle Database 10g

* iPlanet

* OpenLDAP

What's New in Movable Type 4.2?

*Community features are now built in. Build a social network with Member Profiles and more.

*AntiSpam is built in. Six Apart's free, open source antispam product, TypePad AntiSpam, is built into Movable Type.

*It's faster! Common tasks like search are up to 100 times faster than in previous releases.

*It's more secure than ever before. Our security record keeps on improving.

*Search results are threaded. Paginated search results make it easy for visitors to find content.

*Commenting is threaded. Commenters can now respond to one another.

*New professional templates. Beautiful, new professional templates are now included.

*Simpler default templates. New templates make it easier than ever to build your site.

*Faster, better publishing. Choose synchronous or asynchronous publishing to fit your schedule.

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