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JavaRa 1.13 command line


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Just wondering what exactly the -runsilent, --runsilent, and -r option(s) does. I understand that it makes it run silently but does it remove all old JRE's also?

I am trying to get this program to work over our network (Ohio State University) so that i can install the most current version of Java and then use this tool to uninstall all older versions.

I have been messing around with the command line options and it does not appear that you can "stack" multiple options. What if I want to do something like:

JavaRa.exe -r -p -removeSDM
The above seems to make windows throw an error Also, is there a command line option to Remove Old JRE's? Ideally I would like to be able to specify something in the command line that looks something like this:
JavaRa.exe -r -p -removeJRE -removeSDM

The main reason I ask is because I am trying to get this to run over our network and remove all the old version of java. Every time I try to run this through LANDesk by creating a package for it I get a windows popup error. I understand it is not your problem to get this program working through LANDesk (it's mine). I was just wondering if "stacking of command line options" is/will be allowed?

Thanks for you time.

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