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Songbird 1.1.1

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Songbird 1.1.1 is a free, open-source, cross-platform audio player.

It got support for skins.

It is built using XUL (just like Mozilla Firefox). It has extensions so you can extend it with plugins.

It is developed by Pioneers of the Inevitable aka POTI Inc, which includes several members from the old Winamp team.





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It got support for skins.

But in Songbird, skins are called feathers, which is a bit weird, but keeps the bird metaphor.

According to the features page, CD ripping is not yet supported. Although this feature is not yet started, it is scheduled for release in May 2009. Lookig forward to that.


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Yeah, its called feathers.

It got iTunes feather, and Windows Media Player feather, etc.

Early versions had the Rubberducky (black) feather.

It got many features such as MP3 downloading, RSS feeds, podcasting, etc. Integration with web services, etc.

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