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As the latest update to our forum software has been released I have applied the update. There is no changelog available at this time, however once it is available I'll post it.

  • Improved search and member list performance
  • Date filter options for Active Content page
  • Many improvements for Sphinx searching (i.e. ability to filter by forum, ability to search titles only, ability to group posts as topics, plugin functionality for modifying the query, and misc bug fixes)
  • Ability to hide an application's tab on the front end, while still allowing it to be publicly accessible
  • Improved IP address lookup tool can now support add-on applications
  • Portal option to not pin pinned topics for articles
  • Added link to user profile when editing a member in ACP
  • Added display of time remaining for suspended members when editing a member in ACP
  • Spam Monitoring Service support
  • Ability to control image quality for Gallery images (jpg/png only)
  • PHP version 5.3 is now supported in IP.Board except for OpenID login method. We are awaiting updates from OpenID vendors.

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Changelog added
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I contributed to two of the fixes in this release. Seen here and here.

Full changelog:

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