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Beware of what you SMS in China

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Mobile phone users in central China could face jail for sending unwanted erotic text messages while in the north, one local Communist Party branch has held 480 meetings on the problem in the past month.

Henan province has announced that firing off just one such message could see the sender slapped in detention for up to five days, the China Daily reported Tuesday. Three messages could result in 10 days behind bars and a fine of 500 yuan (S$105), the English-language newspaper reported.

The province's legal office announced the new penalties to address the growing problem of unwanted and inappropriate text messages in a country with more than 600 million mobile phone users, it said.

More here.

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Well in China you can get jail for having pink boots with green pants. :P

Pretty silly to put people in jail for a text message. Jail is for dangerous criminals who should not be out in society. I do not think jail is a suitable punishment for a non-dangerous crime.

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