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Problems with my XP and IE


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Here are the problems I had notated after and during using Dial-A-Fix:

Error 127: c:/windows/system/32/iesetup.dll is not register or file is corrupted. Your version of iesetup is: 8.00.6001.18702. Please contact dial-a-fix@DjLizard.net so that an exception can be made for your version of this file.

I also received the same message for the following:








I had installed IE 7 and then IE 8, but something happened and I had to uninstall them (I don't know why, since it was a while ago)... even though I had properly removed them. I opened IE and it said that I was at IE 6. (Confused at this point, lol) I use Firefox, so I hardly ever go to IE. Please help... Thanks

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I have Windows XP MCE, v2002 with Service Pack3.

I just signed in as a new member and need the help badly for fixing the "svchost.exe - Application Error, The instruction at "0x00b42a50" referenced memory at "0x00b42a50". The memory could not be written...".

I can't find the information how and where to post for the dial-a-fix problem, and just happened find this one very closed to my problem. But my version of iesetup is: 8.00.600118702. I ran the dial-a-fix (v and hope it will fix my svchost.exe - Application Error problem. This problem occured after the ".NET Framework" of Windows Update could not be installed at first and then was fixed.

Could anyone help to let me know what to do next? Can this problem be fixed and instead reformat my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Tarun.

But I have the "Windows File Protection" problem when I ran sfc /scanner (by Start -> Run). Since my Windows XP came with the computer. I don't have the "windows xp professional service pacek 3cd" as popup request by "Windows File Protection". Please help.

PS: Can I follow the instructions as the link below provided to fix the svchost.exe problem? But I don't know if the dial-a-fix had done something already. I am sorry for all the problems. But I am hoping there is another way to recover my pc other than to reformat it. Thanks again.


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