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For several years Lunarsoft has been providing you with 100% free computer support, technology news and our new Anti-Malware Toolkit to help keep your computer in top shape. As each month goes by we attract more and more members to be a part of this great family.

Please be sure to Donate to Lunarsoft. Once you do, simply notify me by PM and I will verify and then update your account to our Sponsor group.

You get some nice perks with the Sponsor group, such as:

  • More forum attachment space
  • Custom badge showing you're a Sponsor
  • Ability to Search faster (Half the time it takes members to search)
  • Twice as much storage space for PMs
  • Can distribute twice as many reputation points in a day
  • ...and more!

So please, help Lunarsoft and donate today! While the amount you donate is totally up to you, we appreciate every donation we receive. I'm doing my best to keep this site free from any advertisements, and donations are the best bet that Lunarsoft continues to stay ad-free.



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