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windows in staller keeps poping up

Guest Rod Munkedal

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Guest Rod Munkedal

windows installer keeps popping up saying :preparing to install: even thogh i am not traying to install any thing. This started happening after windows tryed to do an automatic update to Net. sevice pack 3.5 and net.famaly service pack 3.5, got a message thes items weer not installed, now the problem with window insaller persists every time i open up I.E.8. it seems to only pop up when openning internet but i do see it brefely with outher programs. When installer pops up windows stops opening and only after whating till installer dissapers I dissabled it in system servises as not for this to be an anoyance, worked, only poped up very brefely. I used the command promp to take installer out of my computer, so that i could insall windows insaller 4.5, but with installer out of my computer, the same dielog pops up very momentrely when openg internet explorer. There has to be soomthing more simpl the whiping my hard drive and installing new softwear. This seems to be a common probelem looking throug the net but havent got a fix yet. I ussing windows XP 32bit. And explorer 8. Been meaning to insalle 4.5 and useing firefox to see if this help but firefox is to slow for web broussing. Can you help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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