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Lunarsoft.net THREE-FOURTHS to one goal!


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That's right! Thanks to several recent and very generous donations Lunarsoft is nearing one of our goals!

Lunarsoft is roughly THREE-FOURTHS towards having enough funds from donations to give something back to our members!

What does this mean, you ask?

At a nice pace, we are climbing towards being able to get a Lifetime Invision Power Board license!

Invision Power Board Perpetual License $185.00
This will give you a perpetual license to use Invision Power Board for one installation on all current and future versions. Selecting this option will also give you access to upgrades to the software for all future versions and one year of support is included.

I'd like to extend a personal thanks to every one of our members and supporters. Without you, these great things wouldn't be happening!

Thank you!

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