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Firefox 3.6.12


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firefox.png Firefox 3.6.12 has been released

Firefox (referred to as Fx) is a web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite, managed by the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is a highly customizable browser that allows you to enhance it using Add-ons. Some examples of Add-ons that you can use to customize Firefox are AdBlock Plus, CuteMenus - Crystal SVG, DownThemAll!, TabMixPlus and many more. Tabbed browsing is one of the many features that helps to make Firefox an enjoyable browser. Firefox does not use ActiveX which helps make it a more secure browser. Firefox does make use of many plugins to enhance your web experience. From Shockwave, Flash, Quicktime and more; your browsing experience reaches new levels with the Firefox browser.

The Release Notes say:

Firefox 3.6.12 fixes a critical security issue that could potentially allow remote code execution.

This release fixes a single critical Security issue, (MFSA 2010-73) "Heap buffer overflow mixing document.write and DOM insertion".

download.png Downloads: Firefox 3.6.12 | All builds

changes.png View: Release Notes

link.png Homepage: Mozilla Firefox


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This new release comes in response to a 0-day vulnerability discovered "in the wild" on the Nobel Peace Prize website.

The vulnerability was only discovered yesterday. 12 hours ago, bloggers were still announcing the vulnerability and expecting a fix "by the end of the week".

A fix within a day. That's fast.


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That is a really great response.

Fixed within 12 hours.

Well, no it was more like 24 hours, but it took 12 hours for the news to leak out to bloggers.

Nevermind. It's still outstanding work to fix it that fast.

At the time it was discovered, as far as I can tell, detection of the trojan by Anti-Virus companies was ZERO. Amongst other things, it modified the registry to run a trojan file called "symantec.exe". :)

My advice: if you're still on an earlier version of Firefox: update it to 3.6.12 NOW!


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