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Valve introduces new Steam Guard account protection

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Valve is set to release a new account protection feature called Steam Guard. This adds an additional layer of security to your Steam account. When enabled, it will prevent unauthorized access to your Steam account. When anyone attempts to login as you from an unrecognized computer, they will be required to enter a one-time authorization code. A special authorization code is e-mailed to the contact address that you have verified with on Steam. The code must then be entered into Steam before your first login on an unfamiliar computer is complete. If a user attempts to login to your account from a computer that is not authorized you will receive a notification e-mail. Even if they have your password entered correctly, the Steam Guard prompt will appear and you will receive an e-mail. Screenshots are enclosed below.

There is no limit to the number of computers you can authorize with your Steam account. You can access your Steam account and library from as many machines as you'd like. So you would easily be able to continue using Steam on your desktop, along with your laptop and any other computer you may use. But it doesn't stop there because you can still login on your PlayStation 3. This will make gaming safer and more enjoyable for Steam users.

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I really like what they're doing with this. Plus with how they're going to expand in the future with other ways to authorize, that makes it better than ever.

I really did test this too. I have a spare account that I changed the password on and had a friend try to log in to. Steam Guard stopped him. :)

And speaking of Steam, Lunarsoft has a Steam group. ;)

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