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Amy Winehouse!


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Its funny people talk about her, when there was a terrorist mass murdering in Norway where hundred people died.

let's be reasonable here, the problem with what happened in Norway usually forces the issue to fall back to "the only genuine terrorist is a white guy", this is how it plays out in the U.S.. The issue of terrorism has become political, much like illegal immigration, and any discussion becomes a political debate and never has a chance to deal with the root cause. Therefore, sadly from my viewpoint Amy Winehouse is news because there is something to be learned about alcohol and drug abuse (assuming this is the cause of her death), as well her story has been playing out in public for quite some time, and once again it's tragic.

I'm not really sure how you get your head around people who kill like these folks do, in mass, innocents, the uninvolved, for political or ideological reasons - again, the issue becomes don't disagree with (or appose) anything or you're like the guy who killed because he seemingly apposed the same things - I'm not interested in conversing with people who think like this, and most online do IMO.

So, no it's not funny people are talking about Amy versus Norway, it's just a bit easier, the conversation doesn't spiral down into a political ideological debate.

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