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CCleaner 3.12.1572

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ccleaner.pngCCleaner 3.12.1572

CCleaner - also known as Crap Cleaner - is a disk cleanup utility that goes beyond the scope of the built in Windows Disk Cleanup tool. Featuring the ability to clean up temporary files, browser history and cache, the Recycle Bin, along with Windows applications that you install. There is also a registry cleaner, uninstall helper, startup manager, System Restore manager and disk wiper. You can choose to have your data cleaned with a single pass or range up to the Gutmann 35 pass data cleaning sequence. There's even a cookie manager and free space wiper. One of the great things about CCleaner is that it automates all of these cleanings so you don't have to hunt down these files and generally can take mere seconds to run.

*** CCleaner Home

*** Screenshots

*** Changelog

*** Download CCleaner 3.12.1572 Slim


*** Portable & Standard builds are also available from the builds page - Caution - Standard has been known to install Toolbars - Lunarsoft recommends Slim!

*** Piriform delays releasing Slim (don't know why...?), it will eventually be found at the link above - keep trying :)

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