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Hello All


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I am finally back, after taking a Sabbatical from the computer. I like the new forums they look clean and well layed out. Let me introduce myself to the others who don't know me, I am Vulcan I have to add the 219 on the name now, Though I have to add the number now is a bummer, but its okay okay.

I work on setting up home networks and some business networks, I do website design, and some programming, I started out as an industrial welder then went to colege and went for my Bachelors Degree in IT. I also build computers for others that don't know how to build them, themselves. I guess you can say I am a Jack of all Trades when it comes to some of the IT work I do. My real first name is Mike, and when I get a chance to be in here I will help out anyone that I can with any problem I can if I know the problem and the fix.


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