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Thunderbird is a fast, flexible e-mail client. You can quickly search through your e-mails, worry less about spam thanks to the spam filters, and even customize how you view Thunderbird. Thunderbird works with most Firefox add-ons as well, adding more content to your e-mail client. Thunderbird makes the e-mail experience fun again.

Download: Thunderbird 11.0 | Other Systems and Languages

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2007 or earlier.

Outlook can't cope with having the Inbox on the Server, it wants another one on the local computer as well.

So, the most common complaint I get is: "Why do I have to have 2 inboxes?"

Also you have to jump through hoops to get a copy of sent emails put on the server instead of just on the local computer.

Thunderbird does that automatically.


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Ah. I know Outlook + GMail IMAP is very slow. Looked into it and you have to make several changes to it. I use IMAP with Lunarsoft too and it's super fast. For some reason, GMail's IMAP is a slug.

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I can't advise you much on using Outlook with GMail, I'm afraid, our problems are simply down to Outlook's lack of co-operation on using IMAP in general. We're using standard Postfix or Qmail (Linux-based) IMAP servers.

When I tried out Thunderbird under the same conditions, it just came out so much easier and cleaner.

There's a big difference in handling sent mail with GMail, than for any other IMAP server, because GMail saves them for you. I expect you've already seen the GMail help:


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