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Seagate to buy LaCie


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Seagate and LaCie have gotten friendly before -- the former company's drives are in the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt HDD, for instance -- but the storage makers are about to get even cozier. Today, Seagate announced its plans to buy a 64.5-percent share in the French company, which is currently valued at $186 million. The acquisition will combine the two outlets' product portfolios and, according to the press release, "accelerate Seagate's growth strategy in the expanding consumer storage market, particularly in Europe and Japan." The deal should go through by late 2012, and Seagate will bring over LaCie CEO Philippe Spruch to head the consumer storage products division.

Source: EnGadget

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Bad with less competition on the market place.

Though, Lacie didn't make their own drives, they just put Seagate disks into external boxes which they sold.

Seagate needs to invest in SSD technology, else they're getting irrelevant.

The future is on SSD, time to move on guys.

I have a SSD and it great! Awesome fast performance!

I'll never buy a hard disk again.

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