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Dial-a-Fix hanging


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Greetings.  I hope you can help me.


I was not able to obtain Windows Updates.  I could not connect to the site.  In addition, I was unable to get updates for Microsoft Security Essentials.  After much searching and trying procedures, BITS was not in Serices.  I eventually was able to have an entry there, but the file required was not on my computer.


Thus I downloaded and ran Dial-a-Fix version  I checked box 3 Fix Windows Updates.  Other boxes in 4 a 5 became checked. The program hung up on cryptography - over 30 minutes. I clicked on the red X, but the program continued to give the message "cancelling after current procedure completes". I opened task manager and stopped the program.


I ran the program again using the same check on Window Updates.  The same hang up appeared.  I looked in Task Manager -> Processes but could not find MSiEXEC.EXE.  So The program sits with the message "cancelling after current procedure completes".


I do not want to reboot the computer for fear that it will not boot.


Do you have any advice or suggestions?

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Thanks for your reply.


I want to know what to do about Dial-a-Fix which is still hung up.


I have restarted most of the services, even if I did not know what they were for.


What else has Dial-a-Fix changed or stopped?

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