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Lunarsoft Frontpage theme change


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As some of you may have seen over the past few days a new theme has been cropping up on the frontpage. This was a much needed update to help resolve issues with our frontpage system. The previous theme we were using unfortunately had issues with news and content display. For example, page 15, 16, 17, and 18 could point to page 11. This was because of several broken items with the previous theme.


This new theme has a crisp, clean look and feel to it and has been customized a bit to match the style of the forums.


Soon, when IP.Board 4 is released the wiki and frontpage will get a theme update via CSS to make the styling match the forums.


As usual, should you encounter any issues or bugs please post them here along with the standard information:

  • Page you were on
  • Page you were going to
  • OS
  • Browser with version
  • Any other important information you feel should be included.


Enjoy the new theme!

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