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Has anyone used this software or something like it? I installed it and it shows me X amount of drivers that need updating. But it requires a subscription to download the drivers from the site. So I have been googling the drivers and found several of them and reran the tests and I am still missing some-but not as many.

Does anyone know of a program/site that will detect outdated drivers on my computer and let me download the updated ones for free?

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Microsoft Updates will only provide updates for drivers that are provided by Microsoft.

A lot of hardware can still use MS drivers, although improved funtionality can be achieved by using the correct driver from the manufacturer of the hardware.

The best bet is to visit the manufacturers website for driver updates.

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what if i dont know the manufacturer on all my products? or if (oops) i dont even know what to look for to update?

any ideas on a scan/inform kind of program that lets you know which drivers are needed to be updated, and where to find them?


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