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GunZ Online and Eve Online


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Thats right, GunZ online and Eve Online, imo, are probably one of the better (but probably not best) mmorpgs that I've played this year (if you would consider GunZ an rpg).

I've played WoW and Guild wars, which I admit (being a faithful gamer) that they are amazing and addicting games, but if its complexity and freedom you want, Eve can give that to you. I haven't gotten that far in the game (theres not really any end) but from what I can see it is like this....you upgrade your ship (crap loads of upgrades), the graphics are decent, you can mine, fight pirates, other players, work for a corporation doing missions (corporations owned by both humans and npcs), start your own corporation with your friends, and a complex realistic economic system. On top of that, there are many players that play eve, and the monthly fee is only 15 bucks (Canadian I think). I found a site which gives you a fourteen day trial if your interested, go to Eve online trial

As for GunZ, which I just played last night with my buddy, it is an addicting game which seems to be a combination of both a third person shooter and RPG where you can customize your character and enter duels, deathmatches, team matches and other games over various different maps. You can do awesome dives while shooting, ump off of walls, slash people while running, run on walls, and some other cool stuff. The game play is pretty addictive and I recommend any gamer to try it. The graphics, though not amazing, do not (imo) hinder the games playability. To try it out (it's completely free) go to: Gunz online

Anyways, there you have it, the two games I will be playing for the rest of my holiday before I go back to university (and thoughout the rest of the university year :cuddle: ) punk.gif

Your gaming addicted friend,


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