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Lenovo computers installing malware (again)

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You might think that a company that has been caught installing malware once, would be extremely cautious that it wouldn't happen again. Not so Lenovo.


Back in February 2015, users discovered that the Chinese based Lenovo put pre-installed dangerous, HTTPS-breaking adware called Superfish in its notebooks. At first they denied that the adware posed any threat to your privacy, but they quickly changed their tune. Check if you are infected with Superfish here. Lenovo's uninstall program can be downloaded here.


Fast forward to August 2015 and news appeared that Lenovo is – again – caught because they are using a rootkit to make sure their software remains installed, even on clean Windows installs. The rootkit is able to have the BIOS overwrite Windows system files on bootup.


More information can be read here.

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