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Lenovo installing malware (third time lucky)

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Suppose you've been caught installing malware on computers twice, I imagine you would make sure you wouldn'd be caught again. Not Chinese computer maker Lenovo. 

In the spring of 2015, Lenovo was caught red-handed for selling laptops pre-installed with Superfish malware that opened up doors for hackers. Then, in August, Lenovo again got caught installing unwanted and non-removable malware into part of the BIOS reserved for custom drivers. 

Now, Lenovo has once again been caught installing spyware on its laptops and workstations without the user's permission or knowledge. The Chinese computer manufacturer is hitting the news once again for embedding tracking software into its laptops and workstations from Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, and ThinkStation series.

Lenovo pre-installed a software program, called 'Lenovo Customer Feedback Program 64' that operates daily on these systems and can be categorized as malware. The sole purpose of this program is to send customers' feedback data back to Lenovo servers. Yes, the company has obscurely mentioned this in its EULA (which hardly anyone reads), but nobody ever asked you permission for a Customer Feedback program while setting up your Lenovo computer. 

More info and removal instructions here.


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