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You know you're gonna have a bad day

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I had a bad day today.

My wachine machine is playing up, but I have a spare at my parents house which me and my dad repaired.

So I drove to a mates house to borrow a van,(my mate is having trouble with a new laptop he bought his son, so I got dragged in to have a look), drove to my parents to get my spare washing machine, drove home, disconnected the old wachine machine, connected up the spare washing machine, got my wife to try it out, (I don't know how to work one), and it went bang, and sparks flew out the front.

Started swapping bits between the one that was playing up and the spare one to try to get something working, was not getting anywhere, so I replaced all the bits of the one that was playing up just to tide us over.

Took the one that blew up back to my parents, took van back to my mates, (he now has trouble on another computer, dragged me in again).

By now I was hungry.

Good thing is though he has a spare washing machine which he said I can have, so tomorrow (today, depending how you look at it) I am going to get his spare washing machine, bring it back to my house, take my washing machine to my parents to make one good one out of the two bad ones, and probably get dragged in to my mates to sort out a few computer problems.

Such is life though.

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Awwwwwwwwww Cappy that IS Crappy!!!! :P But hey, like ya said, suck is errrrrrrrrr such is *giggle* Just make sure ya get some sleep and grub. Keeps up your stamina ya know :D

Really tho, that's the way the world outta be, people helping people and then we'd not need so much dang money to cripple everyone. Even the rich are crippled in ways. ;)

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Today I could of been CraPMan :P

Sleep does not bother me, I will catch up on that whenever I can, failing that I will sleep for a long time when I'm gone (here I am talking about death again).

Food will be eaten when I have time, (I'm ok at the moment). :D

As for helping people, I will help whenever I can and accept help whenever I need, I'm not proud.

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The washing machine saga continues.........

Went to my mates (didn't get dragged in to look at computers today), used a skateboard to get the washing machine to the van, washing machine fell off the skateboard on the way to van, we got there in the end though, drove home, removed our sort of working washing machine, put his one in it's place, put our one in the van to take to my parents (I will make a good one out of the two that I now have over there).

Got my wife to turn on the one my mate gave us, the kitchen floor got flooded, checked the pipes on the back, they were ok. Took the top off, checked all the pipes there, they were ok. Tilted the machine back, looked underneath there was a pipe hanging off, must of got dislodged when it fell off the skateboard.

All is good now though.

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Dang Cappy that sounds like about every day of my life!!!! LOL But nice for you to share so now I don't feel so lonely!!

I'm so glad you got it worked out and all. Momma must have lots of wash to do for the next week. But HER MAN came to the rescue just like he's suppose to. WTG :P

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