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Lunarsoft Updates so far in 2016

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There have been several updates all throughout Lunarsoft over the past month. From the Frontpage, to the Forums, the Wiki, and even the server itself. This resolves several issues and helps ensure we can give quality content while keeping the site free from advertisements and secure for both members and guests alike.

The following changes are:

  • Frontpage
    • Software updated to the latest version.
    • All extensions and the language pack are up-to-date.
    • Security plugin to prevent brute force attempts is in use.
    • Frontpage rendering has been optimized and compressed.
    • Frontpage works with Mobile devices.
    • Theme is undergoing polish and optimizations.
  • Forums
  • Wiki
    • Wiki updated to the latest version which is a Long-Term Support version.
    • Using ReCaptcha NoCaptcha because Asirra was discontinued on October 6, 2014.
    • Bad Behavior plugin is no longer in use due to problems caused writing to the database.
    • Wiki rendering has been optimized and compressed.
    • Working on adding more articles and updating content more, join us and help out!
  • Server-wide
    • Main server software has been updated.
    • Software used such as PHP and MySQL have been updated.
    • MySQL databases have been optimized. Old, unused tables have been removed.
    • An optimized .htaccess is used on each subdomain to allow all pages to render faster. This means content is better cached and served efficiently.
    • Working on further updates to allow a SSL certificate to allow secure logins and browsing all throughout Lunarsoft. If you'd like to see this, please donate to help in getting the site-wide SSL certificates!

Thank you to all who have donated to Lunarsoft! Your support and donations help to keep this website completely free of advertisements. No advertisements on the website means less confusion for users in distress. This can help users fixing their computers to find the information and get the assistance they need with ease. If you would like to help please see the Lunarsoft Donation page. Every bit helps!

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