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Closing XP Port


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G'day Krit,

the setup you've detailed above is the same that I run.  You can test your Router Firewall using PCFlank and ShieldsUp! giving you an indication of your security settings. 

Therefore I prefer to think of my system as being 'masked', meaning that to the casual websurfer, they won't see my system.  However, to someone with knowledge of security systems can, if they really want to, get into your system regardless.

Most security problems that people have is that they DO NOT follow basic steps to secure their system from 'attacks'.  I know of quite a few people who have ADSL/Cable and do NOT have any form of security setup for their system and keep wondering why they constantly get virii or trojans on their system.

However, if you feel uncomfortable about only using the Router as protection, by all means, spend the extra dollars to get software firewalls, but I prefer to spend my money on other things.

Now, having given the disclaimer, if you are worried about your security, Lunarsoft is an excellent resource to use to ask other folk (as you've been doing) on how to secure your system and is still the best system IMO to get proper help than trying to go it alone and downloading at lot of useless crap which not only costs you money but will also cause you a lot of grief.  Asking someone who's been there, done it and fixed it is still the best solution.  Heck your not going to ask your butcher how to fix your carburettor are you (unless he's a closet mechanic  :wish: )?

Cheers :cake:


Thank you. I just wanted/needed confirmation that my router is a good router (with a good firewall), and I think that you covered it. I'm a hardware id***, and I don't like to make assumptions about things such as security.

Rridgley told me a while ago that hardware is better than software. My remaining concern is what if I got a crappy router? Are all of them equally good?

Just call me K. It's easier.

Cheers to you too


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