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AMD 2600+XP versus AMD 3000+XP


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I have more questions,actually :)

I have a Compaq, with AMD 2600+XP and I want to upgrade to 3000+XP.

Can somebody explain to me,what is the difference between those 2 processors?

What is the difference between Barton and Thoroughbred?!

The speed for 2600+xp is 2.06Ghz and for 3000+Xp is 2.16Ghz.

Again.What is the difference?

I haved a few conversations with hp technical support ,but is like watching Seinfeld! :D

Thank you!

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I personally would not bother upgrading Bavaria, I don't think you will really notice too much difference. A jump from 2.06 GHz to 2.16 GHz hardly seems substantial enough.

This is what I took from another website.

The Barton is newer, has a larger cache (512 vs 256k), and supports a faster fsb. The Barton also has the highest available clock speeds.
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